Body Composition Analysis

Why do you need a body composition analysis?

Standing on the scale or simply looking in a mirror is not the best way to judge body fat, nor is either method a reliable way to rate the effectiveness of lifestyle changes if you are trying to lose weight.   By regularly monitoring body fat you can have a better picture of your true body composition, health and exactly how much weight you are losing.


A full Body Composition Analysis service  involves collecting or measuring the following data:

All results are discussed and appropriate individual recommendations and guidelines are provided.

Monitoring body composition is useful in health promotion and the treatment of overweight / obesity, diabetes, digestive disorders, kidney disease, emphysema, eating disorders and more.

This service can be provided in a singe one hour session . Please call for an appointment and further information.

*The BIA (bio-electrical impedance analysis) method is an easier and faster method of measuring body fat where a safe, low-level electrical signal is sent through the body.