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Why we need to detox

"Detoxification" is more accurately defined as the mobilization and elimination of waste, toxins, pathogens, and other unwanted debris from your body.

Detox and clean the body naturally

In a world where we are continually exposed to environmental toxins, chemicals and pollutants, the need to detoxify on an annual basis is a prerequisite for optimal health.  Both for prevention and to deal with specific health conditions, detoxification is an essential process for everyone - the young, the elderly and most importantly for those with chronic health issues.*

In fact, the recovery of every chronic health condition including weight-loss requires detoxification and cleansing of our eliminating organs and the lymphatic system. Often the reason people can't lose weight despite better dietary habits and exercise is due to poor digestion and poor liver function - two conditions easily resolved by cleansing and detoxification the colon and liver.  It could be said that besides poor eating habits, toxic accumulation in our tissue and organs IS the cause of most chronic health conditions we face today.*

What are the keys to facilitating a good detox?

Most detoxification treatments or "cleanses" do not go far enough. To get the most out of a "detox" be sure all these components are included in the cleanse:

Additionally, a detoxification and cleansing program needs to be tailored to an individual’s current health condition; body-type (dosha), the season and the organs needing support. Many packaged cleanses can be harmful at most or completely inappropriate in the least.

My detox programs and cleanses provided are designed to detoxify fat-soluble toxins that have been stored for years in our fatty tissue and liver.   Unlike other packaged cleanses; these processes are rooted in science, the ancient cleansing wisdom of Ayurveda and most importantly tailored for each individual.*  While many new "fad" cleanses emphasize extreme fasting and dangerously unbalanced diets, these programs rely on gentle diets, proven herbal formulas and natural treatments that allow the body to cleanse gradually without hunger pains.

And where many cleanses trigger blood sugar crashes, starvation-mode cravings and immediate binging afterwards, my programs balance the blood sugar, allow the body to enjoy stable energy levels of fat-metabolism, while you continue going about your daily life.

Benefits of Proper Detoxification:

Detoxification Recommendations

Generally, to detoxify the body it is advisable to begin with a thorough  colon cleanse especially for those who have chronic digestive complaints, excessive body weight or a history of constipation.   Everyone benefits from improved liver function and reducing any gallbladder congestion so I often recommend a liver cleanse with a gallbladder flush at least once.  A kidney and bladder cleanse with a focus on reducing kidney stones is valuable for many health conditions including high blood pressure, frequent urination and UTIs.  For those with cognitive issues or testing high in heavy metals my  Natural Heavy Metal Detox is very effective.*  Additionally, I provide Ayurvedic Detoxification - Panchakarma which is particularly beneficial for deep detoxification of muscles, joints and nerves.

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Success stories:

"I first sought out Khabir’s help as I was feeling effects that often coincide with over exposure to heavy metals.  I was feeling dizziness, lightheaded, metallic tastes, slight depression and disruption in sleep.  We completed a full detox of the liver and gallbladder. I can say that since completion, the symptoms are gone. I'm sleeping better and my focus is back and sharp. Due to the mass amounts of heavy metals that are put in our atmosphere thru ground and airborne aerosols, we all need to detox just to keep our body running properly. Thanks Khabir!" John Whyte, Ojai

"I want to thank you again for encouraging me to do the liver cleanse.  I have felt more energy and enthusiasm for life than ever since the liver cleanse.  No more sluggishness, long afternoon naps, and desire for greasy foods.  I feel the cleanse has changed my life. I was not sick to begin with and now I look forward to leading an EVEN MORE energetic life in my golden years. Thank you for all of your advise and support.  You were always there for me whenever I called with a question and your encouragement kept me going.  Thank you so much. Sincerely", Janice Lorber, Santa Barbara.

"Thank you Khabir for being a model of holistic healing!  Working with Khabir has been a delight. I had great success with one of his herb teas that balanced my kidneys relieving so many symptoms and his consistent loving support through a colon cleanse added to my healing." Sarah Uma, Santa Barbara

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